Review of Souls, book 2 of the Grimnirs series by Ednah Walters

I have received an ARC copy of the book for an honest review.


There is a battle in me. After this part I am totally in love with Echo – I liked him in Grimnirs, but I was in loved with Torin. I was hooked on Torin, but after I have read Souls? Iąm not so sure any more. The love between Echo and Cora is captivating and it makes you want the same for yourself in real life.

But the story.

The book tells us the story of Cora after she started her “job” as a Soul Helper – her communication skills are getting better and she is successfully helping souls find their closure and simply move on. But her awesomeness doesn’t end here. She moved from helping souls to helping living also. She a volunteer in care home and when I read that I had tears in my eyes. Not many people can do that from just pure heart. Cora thinks everything is perfect, her relationship with Echo is blooming and getting more passionate with every second. But then, Echo’s past is staring to haunt her. Literally. A dark souls emerge and seeks her help to patch up things with Echo, but the latter doesn’t want to hear it. But as Core being herself, she is not giving up as she knows that this is the closure for her Echo, that is preventing HIM to move on. She fights for him.

Echo, God he is so hot. I am almost jealous of Cora. Ednah knows how to make girls/women heart to melt. The words that Echo was saying to Cora was making me a puddle of emotions. I cried, literally, few times. He is mesmerizing. but his stubbornness and the fact that he simply doesn’t like Cora’s “job” causes them to fight and they drift further away from each other…

I would like to say so much more! But I know, from my own experience, that spoilers are a big NAY.
There is simply not enough stars for this book. Ednah is just to good. And now I can’t wait for the next parts!

It would be hard to follow without reading the Runes Series, so I recommend to go and get them now 😀

Amazon link to Ednah’s page:

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