Loving War by C.M. Owens (Sterling Shores book 4)

It’s here!! Basically when brilliant C.M. Owens told the readers on Thursday that she will be releasing it earlier I was jumping in joy! I was so waiting for this part! I just love this series! I was so glad that once I finished my work on Friday the book was there. My husband after seeing me and my eyes, just sighed and said: “Take away today?” God I love him hahaha.

So after I got home around 5ish I was stalking Amazon (I was doing it at work, but sshh) to make sure I will not miss it! And around 6ish the book was there! On my kindle! Oh my, I was gone for the world!


Small blurb:

Tria Noles and Kode Sterling are a match made in hell, and no one will deny that.

They’ve hated each other for years. Kode is the jerk who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Tria hides under a cold façade to appear strong and confident. There’s no possible way they could be anything together besides a volatile disaster.

But when their chemistry overrides their logic, they have no choice but to face their twisted attraction to each other. When that attraction refuses to fade, what started off as physical turns into something neither of them expected—or wanted.

Tria has spent most of her life living in her sister’s shadow, and it’s no secret that Kode was once one of the many who adored Rain Noles. It’s hard for her not to keep her guard up, because she doesn’t want to feel overlooked once again.

Kode starts to realize he might have been chasing the wrong Noles girl all these years. And there’s a lot he did wrong in the past when chasing Rain that could jeopardize any future he has with Tria.

There’s a thin line between love and hate, but which side do they stand on when all the secrets are aired?

My thoughts:

I freaking love this book! The beginning left me panting and I had to wait few minutes until I moved to next one! I got my coffee, cookies and was considering to have my hubby near me just in case 😉 The book is full of sexiness, badness and love!

The story tells us the relationship between Tria and Kode – enemies for almost 11 years after their meeting in a club, where both hoped to just run away from their city where no one knows them. They hated each other, but they couldn’t deny the lust they felt towards each other. After one eventful night they decided to be not friends and not enemies with benefits, but purely people with benefits. The whole relationship with no string attached was working perfectly for them, until Tria is attacked again by her ex-boyfriend and Kode feels protective. After that everything changes. Their feelings, the status and how they treat each other. Kode is no longer and ass**** towards Tria and she certainly is not an Ice Queen! After few heartbreaking scenes they decided to make it official, even though they knew what other people will think.

I love Kode’s determination when the truth about him, Rain and Dane comes to light. he fights for Tria and their love. But what I love more? Their way of dealing with the break-up hahaha that was hilarious! The book will make you laugh, cry, laugh again, cry so much more. Loved it!

And what’s more: Kade and Raya are again making an appearance ❤  God, I love that couple!

It’s a must read! If you have not read the previous part it can be hard to follow the story!

Enjoy the reading!


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