Review of “You and Everything After” by Ginger Scott (Falling Series, book 2)

This is the second part I have received as a gift from the author. And again I was not asked for a review, so it is as honest as it can be.

After reading this book I am torn. I love Nate, but Ty is so seriously hot, that I love him also. The books is told from POV of 2 main characters: Ty and Cass, who we have met in the first book. Ty, brother and best friend of Nate. I just adore their relationship. Of course, Ty, as an older brother, has to make his little brother’s life a bit like hell. Their bickering is just amazing. Ty, is an honest and really down to earth person. From the first part I thought he is the most positive person, especially in the situation he is in. The life for him is not easy and after seeing things from his POV, it broke my heart. I started crying after reading the first 5 pages. The accident, that happened 6 years ago, destroyed all his dreams, but he has not gave up and he decided to live. Live a normal life, just without love. Until he meets Cass.

The second main character, Cass, is a freshman in a college, far away from home, where even though parents loved her, they did not believe her. Normally, people think, than when there are twins, they have to by really close. But not for Cass. Her twin sister, Paige, is far for being close and far for being the one that she can trust. After going to college she wanted to leave her High School life, her reputation and be far away from her parents. She wanted to have a normal love life. Until she meets Ty. From the beginning something just sparks between them.

What I love the most in this book is how they both show their ugly sides as the lovely ones. It’s not a pretty love story, where they meet and fell in love. There is ugliness, past that is just putting a shadow and also the problems with parents.

It’s a must read. You will seriously fall in love with Ty, especially after his conversation with Cass’s father. I cried.

Now I can’t wait for the next part featuring Paige’s story. I am sure there is more to her, then her popularity craving.


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