Breaking Even by C.M. Owens (The Sterling Shores Series, book 5)

She DID IT AGAIN! I just freaking love this woman. Again she released the book earlier and and it was AMAZING! Like, duh… of course it’s amazing!

I did a happy dance, when she announced early release and I was asleep when the book went live when I was sleep! How dare you Amazon!! And because I have a fever it took me longer to read <humph!>

But! let’s concentrate on the book…

Some blurb:

What happens when one neighbor pisses off the other? They end up in a brutal prank war, of course. But neither of them expects what happens when they can’t break even.

Rye Clanton

I told myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t—couldn’t—fall in love. I’ve seen what happens, the things they don’t tell you in fairytales. But I never saw Brin Waters coming until she had thoroughly invaded my life. Until her, I never laughed, joked, or even knew how to have a good time. Until her, I just existed. If my secrets weren’t so dark… But they are.

Brin Waters

How the hell do you go from hating someone to loving them? I don’t know, but Rye Clanton is good at it. However, he’s a walking contradiction that I can’t figure out, an enigma that has stumped me more times than I can count. But he’s the first person that’s ever made me feel alive—free. How do you give something like that up? Is loving him worth the risk of being destroyed?


The book is seriously funny and hot. From the previous books I didn’t have great opinion of Rye, but after that I adore him. Before I had as one hell of a prick, who just like to use women (wait, aren’t they all like that at some point?!). But! He is fun and loves jokes :] especially pranks, on Brin, who is not better and really likes to get even. Especially with him.

The book is told from 2 POV (as almost all books in the series -except Raya’s and Kade’s story, where there are separate books for each of them – did I mention that I love them?). First we meet Brin, who is getting ready to go to work like always, when she sees that her annoying neighbour has parked on their parking side AGAIN. But this morning something just breaks in her. All her life, her past and this little issue makes her snap and so the war between her and Rye begins. As their friendship, which after few weeks (and many jokes, pranks…) turns into something more.

When we meet Rye, I was like: “Nuh-uh, I don’t like him”. But after each sentences, I grew on him and I started to adore him. I started to see that there is something there. He was struggling with something, and not many people new what it was. After I got to know the real Rye, I was broken. And sick. I really hate when someone past is dark and going back to their childhood. I cried with him, when he told his story to Brin.

I think this story is the darkest one in the whole series. They all have their own past and problems, but Rye’s just leaves you broker. Like shattered. And it doesn’t help that Brin didn’t have best life either.

But what I loved the most? The fun they had. And how Rye wanted to win her over? With pranks again? That cracked me up!

The book is so worth reading! Kade and Raya are still winning, with Kode and Tria behind them. But I have to say: I love what Tag did! hahahah poor Ash! But then, all the people who she is trying to matchmake are I think in worse position, as lovely as she is, she is a horrible matchmaker! Hahahah

And another thing that made say several times: WTF?! Was Wren in the story and now I just CAN’T wait for A Redo!! Especially after reading the first chapter <smirk>

Links to buy:

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

The book is not really a standalone and besides all the books are worth reading!


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