Dark Beauty by C.M. Owens (The Deadly Beauties Live On Book 1)

I was waiting for that book like ages! And to be honest I thought it will never get released! I love all her books and it doesn’t matter what genre it is. Paranormal, NA? I will read them all. The deadly Beauties is my second favourite series by her (nothing can be compared to Sterling boys :] ), and FINALLY I got Gage’s story!

Small blurb:


The continuation of the Deadly Beauties Trilogy…

Purgatory was opened for the dark ones to escape, but so much more crept out. Over twenty years later, the consequences are finally starting to appear. And the world full of deadly beauties finds even more deception and secrets to face.

As an immortal, it’s hard to have any new experiences after living for so long. History seems to repeat itself… over and over. No one knows that better than Gage Kross, the dark user many overlook. But even if you think you know how something is going to end, sometimes life doesn’t give you the choice of deciding what to do.

When he meets Kimber, something that he thought died inside of him suddenly comes back to life. However, she’s supposed to be one of the few women he can’t be with. Then again, the sweetest fruits are usually the forbidden.

Just when things heat up, life unravels and ghosts come back to haunt Gage and his friends. The past invades the future, consequences are revealed, and impossible secrets emerge from the darkness, while new secrets are formed.

It’s hard to trust people who are trained to hide the truth, so falling in love seems to be a daunting task no matter what. But it’s a world full of seduction, and sometimes love happens whether you want it to or not – even when death is breathing fire down your neck.

Although this is a book one, there is no major cliffhanger.

I loved him the most in Deadly Beauties. I know that Alyssa was meant for Kane, but come one! Gage? Dark, dangerous, tattoos and piercing in the right places? Hell yeah! I was seriously sad for him, that he didn’t his happy ending in the main trilogy, but now? I think it’s perfect. Kimber is the ONE for him.

Gage is a Dark User, has a lot of power, that not many people are aware of. He is dark, powerful and nothing can stop him when he wants to protect those he cares about. And for him, Kimber becomes the most important person. In a short time. She is infuriating, stubborn, reckless and so perfect for him. Since the first meeting after 2 decades the passion and pull towards each other is hard to deny, on both sides.

Kimber is tough and stubborn. She doesn’t like that every single man in her life tries to treat her as the child she once was, when found by Alyssa. She is trying to prove to ever yon that she doesn’t need to be sheltered as she is able to take care of herself. And then she meets Gage. She remembers him as the one, who was rejected by Alyssa, but that changes quickly when they see each other. He is tempting, sexy and trustworthy. At the beginning she is feeling weak next to him, but when their feeling grow, she feels simply safe with him.

And what I love also? DICE! God! He was making me laugh so hard that I was either snorting or crying! Literally! His obsession is amazing and I just read some of his parts few times, as they were so funny! 😀

C.M. Owens done it again. The book pulled me in from the first page, and I love that there is more to come, and some things I have so not seen coming! The ending left me panting for more. And I hope she won’t leave us without more of them.

And the next part is about Thad … ❤



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