Indigo Island series (book 1,2 and 3) by Kaira Rouda

I have received an ARC copy of all three books from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Small Blurbs:

Weekend with the Tycoon (Indigo Island #1)


Wealthy business tycoon Blake Putnam isn’t looking for love, he just needs a date for a family wedding he’s dreading. Alpha male to the core, Blake’s idea of being a man leaves little room for emotional connection. He comes up with the perfect solution to the dreaded wedding: he’ll find a controllable date. He has everything planned to perfection.

Samantha Jones agrees to spend the weekend with the hot boss. She’s attracted to him, but she’s sworn off men after her embarrassing recent break up. She’s determined to ignore the attraction and focus on business when he hands her an opportunity to be part of the biggest business pitch in Blake Genetics’ history. It could change everything. She’s not looking for love, she won’t jump off that cliff again. But she will take the chance to further her career.

What neither of them expected was the weekend to take flight. Is this a risk they’re willing to see through to the end?

Lines in the Sand (Indigo Island #2)


Stepping off the ferry onto Indigo Island for her new job at Melrose Inn, Dorsey Pittman, is excited to have a fresh start, far from heartbreak and tragedy. Signing the no romantic relationship with staff clause is easy, as Dorsey’s determined to focus on her career and not romantic entanglements, but every time the resort’s tall, handsome and oh so sexy lifeguard, Jack Means, is close, sparks fly, and Dorsey feels like she’s about to catch fire.

Twenty-seven-year old Jack Means has secrets of his own and is only lifeguarding at Melrose Inn to ensure his advancement at Top Corp, where he’s in line for a management position. But it’s hard to remember why he’s signed the no romantic relationship clause, when twenty-six-year-old Dorsey Pittman arrives on the island. For promises to stick out one more summer of life guarding before attaining his dream of a management position with Melrose Inn and Plantation. She’s beautiful, adventurous, and impossible to ignore—but dating her could get him fired. Can Jack keep it casual and walk away from love when Dorsey might be the one woman who can hold, and heal, his heart?

The Trouble with Christmas (Indigo Island #3)


At 35-years-old, Cole Stanton is burned out. His high-paced, uber-successful career has left him yearning to start over. He finds Indigo Island, buys a restaurant and settles into an uncomplicated life. But Christmas is a mess. He has over-committed the small restaurant’s resources again, and is over his head. He finds himself longing for everything he has left behind, until a chance encounter with gorgeous Lily offers a spark of salvation to his business and, perhaps his life.

Beautiful pastry chef Lily Edmonds is thirty years old and heartbroken. It’s just before Christmas and she’s just been dumped by via telephone by her fiancee. Her best friend Avery Putnam invites her to Indigo Island, hoping to add joy back into Lily’s life. A chance encounter with the sexy owner of a local restaurant makes Lily feel an attraction she thought she’d never feel again, and offers her a business challenge to keep her mind focused on something other than her broken heart.

Cole Stanton and Lily Edmonds are both starting over. Will the joy of the holiday season bring them together or will the troubles with Christmas push them apart?

My thoughts:

Weekend with The Tycoon

From all the books from the series of Indigo Island, this one was the one that I liked the most.

Samantha is an intelligent and career oriented young woman, that is trying to progress quickly in Blake’s Genetics. One day she is called to the office of the CEO, Blake Putnam. Boss who is always reserved and treats everyone with distance. She is sure that the meeting is either regarding her latest presentation or she is simply fired. Once she enters the office, Blake is telling her she has been chosen by him to help him with new project this weekend. Sends her off to acquire new clothes and be prepared to leave the city with him this afternoon. After mind blowing shopping spree, she is told about the real reason of the trip: His Sister’s WEDDING. She feels deceived and is not happy about that, but also she sees her opportunity to show him her newest project.

Blake to some seems to be a cold and reserved man, but truth is that he just doesn’t trust woman after his ex-girlfriend broke his heart. After that relationship he decided that he doesn’t need anyone and he just concentrate on his company. In addition, his family – even though he loves them dearly – add to his misery. His mother tries to set him up every single time he is going to family gathering and his father is not able to understand his vision of being a “tree-hugger”. He decides to at least prevent one thing from happening: having his mother set him up for another date. He takes Samantha Jones with him and hopes they can pull off a fake relationship in front of his family and also work on new presentation. But he doesn’t expect his brilliant plan to backfire, when he start to have feeling towards Sam.

Quickly both realise that they have more in common and that both of them are just lonely.

I loved Sam’s snarky comments towards Blake to rile him up and make him joke with her.

A really enjoyable read 🙂


Lines in the sand

Where to start. I would give this book 3.5 to 4 stars. It had a really good potential to be an amazing book, but I just couldn’t get a real feeling of the main characters.

Dorsey, is running away from her tragic past and unhappy break-up. She moves to Indigo Island to ensure no one knows her and no one has any knowledge of the scandal that was part of her childhood years. She loves children and is employed as head of children club in one of the resorts on the Island. There she meets Jack, handsome lifeguard and a man with his own demons.

Jack, is a lifeguard in the resort, who after summer passes will be employed in the management. He is trying to gain experience and open in the future his own hotel. He wants to make his mother proud and also pay her back for the tragedy he thinks he caused years ago.

Both of them feel the pull towards each other, but they have one person who is oppose their relationship: Steve, manager of the resort, who is all about following the policy. They don’t know that there is more to him, something that is dark and dangerous.

I liked the story, but it left me a bit unsatisfied. I would like to know what caused Steve to be the person he was.

I have received and ARC copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I have enjoyed this book. It was a pleasant quick read for today’s afternoon.

The Trouble with Christmas

In here we meet Lily, a pastry chef who was just dumped by her fiancé, with whom she has been for 5 years. What is more, he is getting married just few weeks after he broke up with her with a simple text: Sorry. After her best friend hears what happens she is taken by her and her Family, to Indigo Island for Christmas. There she meets Cole. An ex-banker from Wall Street, who tries to repay his sins by helping others on the Island.

Cole moved to Indigo Island after one of his investments falls through and his clients are faced with loss and tragedy. He blames himself and tries to repay his sins by buying a family restaurant from Sally Ann, whose nephew run away with all her savings and money from the restaurant. Quickly he realises that he has no idea about this industry and is faced with business that just went from bad to worse. And then he meets Lily, who decides to help him.

Both of them have past that is making them careful about trusting others, but they can’t deny the pull they feel towards each other. Quickly they give up to it and together they fight to save the restaurant.

The story had so much potential to be great, but the romance was way too quick for me and especially the ending. And also I managed to get better glimpsed of Avery character then the full picture of Cole or Lily, but other than that I really liked it.

The stories were well written, but I think Kaira could concentrate a bit more on the characters, so reader could get better insight in their personalities, because for me I only managed to see them from the perspective of their tragic events in their past. And for me all the romances where developed well too quickly, but I do think they are good and well deserve 4 stars from me 🙂

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