Amplify by Anne Mercier (Rockstar Series, book 3)

I have received an ARC copy of this book from an author in exchange of an honest review.


Small Blurb:

If you’re unable to suspend disbelief and escape to the Rockstar Land of Fiction, then this book probably isn’t for you.
As with all the Rockstar books, this book contains mature content and is inappropriate for persons under 18 years of age.
This story contains grief, loss, sadness, darkness, light, happiness, angst, swearing, explicit sex, graphic violence, new beginnings, and soulmates.
I recommend listening to the playlist whenever possible to get the full effect of the story. You may need tissues.

He’s my protector, my confidante. Then one night he became more. I want him, I need him, and, if I’m honest with myself, I love him. I just don’t know if he’ll ever see me as more than what we’ve always been: friends. I don’t want to lose him but it’s getting harder and harder to keep my feelings to myself. Should I risk it all or play it safe?

She’s my light, my saving grace. The night we came together I knew I could never live without her. I want her to be mine: my lover, my friend. Maybe, if I can get her to see past all the reasons why we shouldn’t be together, she’ll be my forever. It just might be time to turn it up and go for broke.

My thoughts:
What can I say? She did again! But this time she didn’t put together a sweet love with a little drama. NO this time she went all in and I was crying and sobbing like a lunatic. She broke my heart so many times in this book. But Sera’s and Cage’s love put it back together.

Sera is an ex model and a part of Blush group, but she is not only a pretty face and hell of a body, she is loyal, honest, hot tempered and would kill anyone who would dare to threaten her family or anyone she loves. From Being a sweet girl, after her parent murder she changes and she build a wall around herself that no one is able to penetrate. Until she meets Cage, who fast becomes her best friend, but few years had to pass until she decides to act on her true feelings toward him. And it’s not easy. When Sera finally decides to trust him and give herself to him, she is hurt and runs away from him and everyone.

But cage, oh that damn handsome man, is not having any of that. He finally made her his and he is not planning to let her go. Ever. Cage, is the same as Sera. Loyal to people he loves, honest and protective. Everyone thinks of him as of a successful businessman, but only few knows his true nature – that he can be cold, ruthless and he can kill without batting an eye. But when he loves, he loves to death and with passion. And that’s how he loves Sera.

This book was so emotional, so many things happened. Good and bad. Anne amazingly showed how the BFD are staring to be a real family and whenever anyone of them is in need, danger they are all there to help and support.

Of course, the best character? Xan MY man…God I just love that guy, he never ever stops to amaze me of how kind and loving he really is.

I can’t wait for next part and all other that are to come! Brilliant job Anne!

P.S. I loved the song choice!

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