Naughty & Nice: ‘Tis the Season by Marisa Oldham, Emma Payne, S.M. Rose and Noah Wilde

I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

*Warning: Contains sexual situations and graphic language. 18+ only.

Small Blurb:

Beautiful slim legs in black nylons on a red background.

Want a read to warm you up during your holiday nights? Naughty & Nice: ’Tis the Season includes four stories of interoffice romance, love, and steamy encounters. Each story takes place at the Hannigan, Muniz & Bosemer annual holiday party, an event that whisks readers to new heights of erotic experiences between coworkers.

Winter Games by Marisa Oldham: The sexy janitor of the office building sets out to make the party a little dirtier for one hard-working employee.

All I Want for Christmas by Emma Payne: The heartbroken CEO’s Executive Assistant seeks comfort in the arms of a heartbroken man.

Alone for the Holidays by S.M. Rose: CEO Eve Hannigan finally meets her match in an unlikely person.

Deck My Halls by Noah Wilde: A timid man tries to find his voice so he can approach the woman he’s admired from afar.

My thoughts:
All 4 stories are seriously HOT! You have a lot of sex scenes, build up tension, lust, passion.
I really enjoyed them all, but I couldn’t get into them. They were okay, but even though I love good erotica. I also love to get to know the characters, and in here I was not able to do so.

I can understand they are supposed to be quick reads, but still, a bit more about the characters would be just perfect.

Winter Games – Marisa Oldham

First story is told by Rose, who has a lustful crush on a handsome janitor at her work place. Even though she wants to act on her lust, she is not sure that it’s mutual, or if Adrian doesn’t have a tall blonde Barbie as a girlfriend. And thought about that sucks, and also the fact that she is going alone to company Christmas Party. But everything changes, when Adrian surprises her by showing to the party, which leads to a night full of sexual encounters.

All I Want For Christmas – Emma Payne

Second story is told from POV of Maggie. She is wishing for a real relationship, with a man that is single and doesn’t want to hide their relationship. After meeting a mysterious new guy, that has joined the company, her wish might have been granted. This has a lot of steam and sexiness! And I loved it!

Alone For The Holidays – S.M. Rose

This story is told by Eve, the CEO of the company that helds the Christmas party. She is a dominant woman, that knows what she wants. And whenever she encounters something or someone she wants, she takes it. Until she meets Preston. I younger worker at her company, that shows her, that being the dominant mistress is not always as fun as being the one that is dominated by a Master.

Deck My Halls – Noah Wilde

This one was a shocker! It’s told from POV of a man! And I loved it! Reed, a shy HR worker, who has a crush on his co-worker. I loved this story! It gave me the insight into the character just enough for the erotica. This piece is naughty, erotic and pulls you in quickly!

Really enjoyed them all! 4, well deserved stars!


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