Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith (Bound #1)

This book has been purchased by me. I was not asked for a review by the author.

I loved this book. The story is totally different and it pulled me in straight away. I couldn’t stop.

Small Blurb:


Amelia grew up in a world of half-truths. She knows she’s an Elder but has no idea what that means. Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control but he refuses to explain why. Even worse, she’s betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and she doesn’t even know his name.

Finally breaking free to live a few normal years at a community college, the last thing Amelia expects is to find her best friend in a cheeky Southern girl and to fall for a self-assured human who sees her for who she is and not what she’ll be.

As she learns more about herself, Amelia realizes the line between love and duty is a thin one. As her power continues to increase exponentially and her questions are slowly answered, Amelia must make the ultimate choice. The question is, will her head or her heart win the battle?

My Thoughts:
The book is told from POV of the main heroine, Amelia. She knows what she are, but she doesn’t understand that. Everyone around her tells her that she can’t show her real power, because they will find her. She knew about her power, but she knew nothing about her abilities, and what I loved, is the fact that we learn with her. All the truths, all her powers and all the lies are discovered and we are feeling the same emotions as she is. Hurt, betrayal, pain. But it’s not only the negative emotions we have here.

After she starts college, she made her first friend: Bethany, B., that she just adores and loves. Thanks to her, she can be for the first time a normal teenager. They talk boys, B. mostly talks about Micah, her crush. A blond handsome guy, that Amelia just doesn’t trust. He gives her the creeps.

Soon after the book starts she meets also Aidan. A buy that her heart beats faster whenever he is near her. They bantering and snarky comments are my favourite. I love the reason, why he calls her “Doll”. I think it’s sweet and shows how much he cares about her.

But unfortunately, Amelia is not normal. She doesn’t belong to a mortal world and soon her real life is catching up with her. And all the lies, all the hidden truth are revealed, together with her abilities and the things she can do. And friends she made? Either she can’t be with them as they will be in danger because of that, or the are betraying her.

I love the side characters: Cole, Bethany, Drew.

The whole story is amazing and the ending? Broke my heart, caused so many emotions to raise in me. I wanted to punch some people. But also it made me excited for the next part!

Amazing, well deserved 5 stars!


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