Savor (Succubus Kiss #2) by Jennifer Snyder


I have received an ARC copy of of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

I love Jennifer’s books. They are are different and pull you in straight away. The previous part of the series was a well written story, but this one is so much better. It’s hot, steamy and guys are drool worthy. But first thing first….

Small blurb:


Succubus Kenna Blake has been infected by a wraith…

The infection is just the beginning. As the wraith slowly gains control, Kenna must fight to keep a firm hold on her succubus nature, before she disappears completely.

Following the only clue her mother has to offer, she tracks down the infamous Luke Bloom, owner of Love Potion #9, hoping for the answers she desperately needs. Unfortunately, Luke doesn’t harbor the magic that could rid her of the wraith and save Kenna’s soul…but his twin sister, Lexy does.

The problem: Lexy Bloom relinquished her magic five years ago and went into hiding.

As Kenna finds herself plagued by nightmares created by the wraith, she vows to do whatever necessary to rid herself of its darkness. Until she learns her only escape comes in the form of a rare spell requiring a shocking cost…

My thoughts:

Savor is the second part of the series about Kenna, a succubus with a heart. The book starts with Kenna being trapped in a nightmare. And I have to tall you, that the descriptions of all those nightmare gave me shivers. And I felt cold. My imagination was working way too well for me during them. We learn from the first part that Kenna was infected with wraith, a being that sucks life out of her and also takes over her body, conscious, actions… She is terrified, but there is a hope. Her mother again leaves her a note, with a possible solutions. Or rather a name of a person who might be able to help her. She decides to visit the mysterious owner of a club called Love Potion #9 and learns there that it’s not the owner, Luke Bloom who is able to help her, but his sister, Lexy. The only problem is…Lexy stopped practising magic…no one knows why… But Kenna is determined to find Lexy and asked her for help. So her journey begins, and she is joined by Randal and Dex *swoon*. After she finds Lexy and learns what it takes to perform the spell, she is not sure if she is able to do it.

Savor is a brilliant fast paced story, that gets more and more sexy, but also has the danger, revenge, hate, love and friendship in it, which I just adored!

About the characters:

I like Kenna, she is fun protagonist and I like that she is not all about seduction and feeding. There is something more and that makes her likeable.

Randal. He is supposed to be the main protagonist for the male role. But let me tell you that: I was not happy with him at the beginning. After he left Kenna after she got infected in previous part, I was not happy Bunny with him. He lost some brownie points, but fortunately he got them back.

Sage. I don’t know why, but she makes me angry. She is too selfish. I preferred her more in previous book. Here she is not really keen to help Kenna. And she doesn’t have to do much. Hopefully she will be better next time!

Dex. OMG! THIS IS IT! He is hot, sweet and I love him! Kenna doesn’t want him, so I can take him. Gladly! I hope Jennifer will decide to write a short story (or a long story, I will take anything) about him. I would love to see his POV. ❤

Well written, with only few mistakes, story that left me wanting so much more! Well deserved 4.5 Stars!



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