A Redo by C.M. Owens

This book has been purchased by me and I was not asked by the author for the review. All thoughts here are 100% mine.

And here we go again! C.M. Owens has done it again. She never stops to amaze me. Her books are amazing. Full of laughter, well developed characters, action and so much sexiness! I loved every bit of it.

Small Blurb:


Allie Thrash

Wren Prize is the asshole who got me pregnant seven years ago. And gave me a false name. And walked out of the hotel without a backward glance. Sure, I know I wanted to have sex just as much as he did, but I didn’t want to be tossed aside like garbage the second it was done. I also wasn’t planning to get pregnant. Now, after seven years of hating the jerk, I’m living in his city, because it’s a small world and I found him by accident. Yes, I realize how crazy that must sound, but my luck is just that bad. The problem is, the Wren Prize of today is not the Wren Prize I’ve envisioned castrating all this time. And I hate that I can’t hate him the way he deserves to be hated. In fact, I’m terrified I might just be stupid enough to be falling for him.

Wren Prize

A daughter. I have a daughter. And I’ve missed over six years of her life because I decided to go for the world’s biggest jerk award. I’m supposed to be the cool-headed one, the mature one, the one everyone goes to for advice. Yet I’m the one who fucked up the most. Sadly, I don’t even remember that night. Too much fun, too much sun, and way too much booze. It’s hard to ask for a second chance when you don’t even remember the first chance you had. And every time I’m around Allie, even when she’s casting me glares that prove she wants me dead, I can’t help but wonder what that night was like. Well, what it was like before I ruined her.

My thoughts:

The is the #6 book in one of the best series I have ever read. Sterling Shore. Yeah, full of hot guys, that are just perfect. Yum. My perfect, Kade opens the series with his and Raya’s story, but let’s concentrate on his cousin, Wren, who is also a guy every girl dreams of 😉

The book is told from the POV of 2 main characters: Allie and Wren. Allie, a poor girl from a foster family decides to have an amazing night during her school reunion. She just wants to let go and just to have fun. She finds all of that with a handsome stranger, Wren Jacobs. He is sweet and looks at her like no one ever did. And he loves it. They have an amazing night together. Until he gets up and leaving her with a short bye. She was shocked and felt stupid. And even more after she realised that the only protection they had broke. And this changed her life. 7 years later she finds herself living in Sterling Shore. Town of her one-stand madness, who left her with hatred…and a daughter. Wren Prize, not Jacobs as he told her, is the centre of her feelings. Good and Bad. At the beginning she hates him. Even loathes him. But when she watches him how he is toward their daughter, she is melting and her feelings changes.

Wren. Damn he is sexy as hell. Just right after getting divorced, he finds out that he has a daughter. A 7 years old daughter. And being the amazingly responsible person he always seemed to be, he wants to make it up to her. But it’s not easy as he is not sure what to do. He was not ready for being a father and spending time with a 7 year old kid, who is smarter than most kids is not helping. And also the mother of Angel is not helping either. She is reserved, cold towards him. And despite all that she makes his blood boil. And he wants her so bad like nothing and no one ever before.

This book made me laugh and cry. Allie and Wren are a perfect couple. I loved them both. She is trying hard to trust him and be more open towards him, but also not fall for him. And he is set to make everything right. It was emotional book. I think one of the most emotional from the whole series. I choked up together with Wren when Angel called him Dad for the first time. When they went for the first daddy-daughter date I had tears in my eyes. But even all of that was perfect and so nice, what I loved the most? That CM didn’t make into a cheesy romance only. She put some tragedy and drama there, not overdoing it and also made me laugh so hard that I was hurting and gasping for air. Literally.

The situations between Allie and Bella? Hilarious! Especially when Wren, always had the luck to walk in on all those conversations. The Prank war between Brin and Rye is never ending, and lightens the whole book! And the fact that everyone from the gang is involved in the, just makes them even better! I LOVED this book.

Full and amazing 5 stars!

Even though this book is kind of as standalone, I would recommend reading them in order just to get a feeling about the characters and some parts of the book are from the previous parts.


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