Author: Amy Giuffrida

Genre: NA Psychological Horror


Brooklyn is a talented artist with an obsession for blood; one that she satiates at her uncle’s tattoo shop. It’s here at The Bleeding Heart that Brooklyn practices the art of dispensing pain onto others. Yet, nothing can dull the desire running through her veins, especially since the man she really wants to torture rots in jail for murder.

When Daniel comes into her life, Brooklyn’s obsession with tattoos and blood quickly turns into desire for him. She dreams about getting him on her tattoo table as her first official customer, marking him as her own. But Daniel has a different idea as to what they should be doing with their bodies.

As Brooklyn spirals out of control, her sanity begins to slip right along with whatever is left of her humanity. Daniel may be the only one left to save her, if she lets him in. In the end she will have to choose between exacting vengeance, staying alive, or loving Daniel.




~ A ~

As soon as my needle touches his skin, I know this guy is different. He talks to me about the weather and then I feel him sliding down in the chair. Very slowly. No way this is an accident. As he moves down, my face is closer to somewhere it shouldn’t be. If he wants to play, he’s come to the right place. Time to up the ante so I move my shading needles faster and deeper into his leg.

“Ow, that hurt.”


~ B ~

Grabbing my hand, Daniel leads me to the stairs. Guessing, he continues in the direction of my bedroom. I shut the door with a kick of my foot. Turning, I move my hands up his chest, my eyes taking in everything manly about him. “I hope you’re one of those guys who keeps a condom in his wallet, because if not, we’re going to have a problem.”

Daniel’s hands find the edge of my t-shirt and rolls it up and over my head. Without hesitation he says, “Yeah, I’m one of those guys. Take off your pants.”

 ~ My Thoughts ~
I have received an ARC copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.
I’m not rally sure where to start.
I have to admit it was a bit hard for me to get into reading. Not because of the writing style or that it did not grab my attention. It did. Straight away. It’s just that ending, that left me simply unsatisfied.
But the story…
The story is told from POV of the main character, Brooklyn. A damaged girl, just before her 18th Birthday. She is not a normal girl, where shopping, boys and partying are all she can think off. No she is different. She has demons that consumes her. Making her find pleasure in something, that other people would think as sick. Different. Forbidden.
Brooklyn, since she was 12 and after a tragic night, which left her scarred both inside and outside, lives with her uncle Jonathan. A guy, who knows what is she struggling with, but loves her regardless.
Brooklyn, is a strong heroine. She knows what is wrong with her and she knows that she needs to keep her demons hidden from everyone. Even from her Uncle. To hide them away and to give in to her pleasure, she decides to be a tattoo artist. By doing it she can let loose her imagination go wild by drawing things and satisfy the hunger by transferring them to an art on human body. And life was perfect. Even if she was not perfect. And then she met Daniel. Sweet, handsome drummer from a band, who fell for her even after learning about her past, about her ugly second self. And she thought life cannot be better. Until the past comes back, roaring into her face and making her life miserable once again.
I liked the book, LIKE REALLY liked it. But the end left me feeling a bit meh. I didn’t have the catharsis I expected to have. What took it away? I think the rushed ending, that there was no build up and the BOOM! where everything just goes either well or not. I missed that. Maybe it was me only. TO be honest with the way it was going I was HOPING for a cliffhanger. But then it was there. A small paragraph telling me it is over.
But overall I would recommend the book. It is well written, characters are amazingly well developed and the story line is grabbing your attention. But even with all this I liked the book. It was different, refreshing.
It deserves full 4 stars. Well done!



Amy Giuffrida teaches language arts to teens by day, while working nights as supermom and a bookseller. The teen in her is never far away, calling to her to crank the tunes and write stories about the darkness that surrounds us all.

Amy is known for taking the path less traveled, but can always be found on Twitter @kissedbyink or online at one of her haunts:,,, or



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