Life after Light by E.S. Maria


After Light
May 30th – June 9th






Hannah Mackenzie is perfection. She’s effortlessly beautiful, intelligent, and popular, and is about to head to the big city to pursue a law degree at one of Sydney’s best universities. Joining her is boyfriend Paul, aka Mr. Perfect.Yes, Hannah has it all.

A perfect life. A perfect love.

She feels invincible.

That is, until one night, when she realises that she is not.

One by one, the perfect pieces of her life starts falling apart.

And she’s losing it all.

Her perfect life. Her perfect love.

Now all she has left is darkness.

And as if her life isn’t complicated enough, it turns for the worse upon the return of Atticus Foster. Hannah once saw past his fractured soul, and she gave him her heart three years ago, only to have it shattered when he suddenly left town without saying goodbye. Now he’s back, forcing her to question if the perfection she sought was just to guise the broken heart she could, yet wouldn’t mend.

This is Hannah Mackenzie’s story of great love, of heartbreak, of devastating loss, of forgiveness through acceptance. But most of all, this is Hannah’s realisation, that the only way to break through the darkness is to allow her heart to lead the way.




My Thoughts:

I have received an ARC copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

WOW. This how this book has left me 5 minutes ago. Simply Wow. I was Blown Away. I so did not expect that! I have to admit, that at the beginning I felt a bit meh. I was thinking that it’s a normal story, with a broken heart, tragedy, blah blah. But I was SO wrong. The feeling in this book are so raw, so real! I hurt for Hannah, I hurt for Paul, but I was devastated for Atticus.

The story is told by Hannah. A young girl who just finished her high school with amazing results, got accepted to a Law School and had the perfect Boyfriend. Gentleman, loving, kind Paul, who loved her so much that he accepted her shattered heart and the fact that she might never be able to love him fully. Why? Because her first love, her friend, a guy who took all her firsts broker her heart and left her, with no goodbye, no explanation.

Hannah is a strong leading character. When we meet her she is just driving happily with her boyfriend after graduating party, but right after the first chapter we are meeting her after an accident, shattered, broken and full of guilt. She is not sure how to move on. How to let go and start to live. She pushed everyone away. Her friends, her parents, her brother. Everyone. She feels like she doesn’t deserve them. Deserve to be happy. But after one visit in a support group and a meeting with her first love, she decides to change. Decides to live again.

The road Hannah chooses is hard, full of twists, turns and painful journeys to the past. In order to move on she has to forgive Atticus and herself.

Atticus, Tic. God, I fell in love with him. He was that bad boy, musician guy, with killer green eyes, What’s not to love? When you meet him through Hannah’s eyes you most likely think: what a jerk! He left her in the worst possible way and situation, but as the story progresses you actually see his reasoning. See why he has done it. And I felt sorry for him. He had a horrible life and music was his only way out. And he was blunt about it with Hannah. But she still fell for him. Hard. And he did the same. But I think it was even harder for him than for her. She chose the perfect option: blame him, not herself. And even when she demanded from him to stay way, he was always there. Watching, protecting her. Loving her.

Except main two characters, the supporting characters are also very well developed. Brodie, Brook, Patty, Hannah’s parents. They all play a massive role in Hannah’s journey. Brodies is an amazing older brother! I would love to have one like him! Brook and Patty are the best friends that every girl wishes for! And parents? So supportive and believing in Hannah so much!

This book is simply amazing. It will break your heart to pieces, but it will also show you that there is light in everyone’s life. And it’s up to you how you will live it. No one can make the decisions for you.

This book deserves full 5 stars, as it was well written, with well developed characters and plot that just grabs your heart.

Thank you for sharing! ❤

Life After Light
Chapter Thirteen
Hannah and Atticus
He regards me
thoughtfully, but doesn’t respond. Instead, he seems to play with the strings
of the guitar, then, he goes into a tune that sounds familiar.
Then he sings the
first line … about how he doesn’t know me, but he wants me. He nods to me
encouragingly, inviting me to join him with a smile that shows off that dimple.
That was it for me, and without thinking, I open my mouth and start singing.
I start singing the
familiar words with him, my heart beating fast and loud, that I’m sure he can
hear every single thud.
We sound awkward at
first, until we start singing in sync, and by the time we’re singing the
chorus, it’s like we’ve been singing together for years.
“Falling Slowly”
God, I think I’m
falling faster than that.
By the time he
strums the last notes, our eyes are glued to each other. He places the guitar
down on the floor, but he doesn’t break contact. He moves closer, inch by inch,
and I refuse to move, my whole body cemented on my side of the couch.
When I feel his
warm hand on my glowing cheek, his face coming closer as he dips his head down
towards me, I know that I need to just feel him, just as I
need him to feel me.
So with one last
shaky exhale, I close my eyes, and I feel.
The way he touches
me … warm … gentle … comforting.
The way he whispers
my name … soft … low … endearing.
And finally, the
way his lips feel on mine … sweet … tender … amazing.
So. Amazing.






Since I was a little girl, I’ve been in love with books and storytelling. One of my fondest memories as a child, is spending hours in a cafe or restaurant with my mum, people-watching and making up interesting stories about their lives.
Now I’m all grown up. I married a beautiful man, raising two wonderful children together while balancing a career in finance. Yes, I’m living my very own happily ever after!

But the love of storytelling never left me. So I put my fingers to keyboard and started my journey. Now, I’m about to publish my very first novel, with the second and last book of the series all done and just waiting to be tweaked. And did I mention I have a whole stack of other book ideas waiting to be written?

I’m excited, I hope you will be too! 🙂





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