Bianca (The White Lady Series Book 1) by Carman A. Sky

I have received an ARC copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Small Blurb:


Bina was a farm girl. She was born to a father who loved her very much, but her mother took the word of the midwife who delivered her, when she pronounced her as cursed Bina had to do all of the chores while her father was out in the fields with the sheep.
One day Bina saw a watcher from the surrounding woods and wished that figure would save her. Little did Bina know that that figure would lead her to her future.
After escaping the horrible treatment of her mother, Bina made a new life for herself, and a new identity.
Bianca thinks she has found the home of her dreams, or has she? When she finds out the truth about the lord of the castle will it be worth her life to stay? Will the one who brought her to this new home be strong enough to save her when things go wrong?
Follow Bianca’s story as she learns the truth about herself, and the power of her love.

My Thoughts:

This was my first book by Carman, and I have to admit I did enjoy it. The story was interesting and characters well developed.

Straight away after meeting Bina, the main character, I had warm feelings towards her. Being hated by her own mother is a horrible thing that shouldn’t happen to anyone. Bina was a poor farm girl, who was told on the day she was born that she is cursed. She was not sure what did it mean and why her mother hates her. But she still stayed at home, as she loved her father. And by this description it sounds a bit cheesy. I was expecting a handsome guy meeting her in the woods, a love at the first sights, marriage and a happy ending. But Carman made my jaw drop. She didn’t make it into a cheesy romance book. She made a perfect paranormal mystery book.
Bina had a stalker. That’s what I am calling him. If he is watching her almost every night – he is a stalker in my opinion but not necessarily it’s a bad thing. In here it was her salvation. At the beginning.
Marcus, the stalker, was a creature that was looking for special maidens for his master. He offered Bina to take her to him so she can start a new life. She agreed with hope it will be better and even she chose a new name to make sure the old life has been left behind. When she was reborn as Bianca, she did not expect that the save haven she thought she finally find will turn into a place full of monsters, pain, danger and … love.
This book has pleasantly shocked me and I enjoyed it, even though the style of writing is not the one I normally would chose.

In my opinion it deserves 4 stars, as from time to time the plot and timeline was lost for me. I thought that something was happening in the matter of days, and months have passed. But other than that the books was an enjoyable read.


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