Character Interview: Bree from Succubus Kiss Series by Jennifer Snyder


Hi all!

Today is the first day of the Succuvus Kiss Character Tour, where me and my Bestie Amanda, from City and Book Blog, will meet all the awesome characters from the series! I hope you will enjoy all the interviews just like we did!

We will kick off the tour with Bree, who is just sitting across from me! I’m so nervous about that! It’s my first interview, but lets make it our secret *wink wink*


So Bree, let’s get start it!!

1.How long have you been friends with Kenna?

Since fooorrrreevveerrr.

  1. Were you always close to each other?

We were. I mean, friends always have their bumpy patches, but with us, those never lasted more than a day or two, and were always for something stupid.

  1. How did you and Kenna meet?

God, we’ve been friends since as far back as I can remember. I can’t even think of a memory without her. I know it was in elementary school when we met. Second grade maybe? I don’t remember any big event that led us to being friends, it was just something that unfolded naturally. We were destined to be best friends forever. Some relationships work out like that.

  1. What was your first thought about her?

I don’t remember my very first thought of her, but I do remember always being jealous of her natural prettiness. The girl doesn’t even have to try and she’s gorgeous! Kills me.

  1. What are the things that you like the most in her?

She’s sarcastic, independent, but most of all she’s strong. That girl has been through some shit, and I love how she’s pulled through. She doesn’t realize how strong she really is sometimes. She’s my idol.

  1. Are you still close to her, now that there are miles separating you two?

I like to think so. I mean, with me moving halfway around the world it feels like we’ve still managed to talk every now and then. You know what they say, after ten years of friendship you have a friend for life. That’s us. We’ll always be friends.

  1. Do you think she has changed since you moved away?

Of course. I think we both have. Not much, but, yeah, some. Who doesn’t change? It’s like practically inevitable.

  1. If—this is a hypothetical question by the way—Kenna was in trouble, would you like to know?Even if the truth would change your relationship forever?

Umm…this is a weird question, but yeah, I guess so. I can’t think of anything that would change our relationship forever…unless she slept with Kellen, my fiancé… which she would never do.

  1. If you could tell Kenna one thing right now, what would it be?

That she’s my best friend. I love her, and always will. No matter what. She’s more like a sister than anything to me.

Bree Promo2

That was fun!! Isn’t she pretty and so nice? I hope you all had amazing time with us and we will see you all tomorrow for my next interview with….. SAGE!!

And here guys is the schedule for this week!


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