Succubus Kiss Character Tour – Interview with Randal

Oh my!! Randal is really sexy but I still prefer my Dex!!! Can’t wait for Kenna tomorrow!! ❤️❤️

City and Book

Good evening lovelies! How much fun did you have withHeavenly Good Booksthe last few days? Ewelina did such an amazing job interviewingBree, Sage and her favorite werewolf Dex.I admit that accent is pretty sexy but y’all haven’t met Randal yet.

Oh he’s so handsome and has all those centuries of experience. I really could stare at those gorgeous gray eyes all night. And what girl doesn’t have a vampire fantasy now and then?

Okay…pulling myself together as he gets here!

Let’s get to know Randal Vincent, Kenna’s mysterious leading man…

Wow! He’s even more charming in person. He strolls in and greets me with a gentlemanly kiss on the back of my hand *Must compose myself*

Thanks so much for joining me for this! I want to dive right in and ask about your relationship with our favorite Succubus. What is the first thing you noticed about Kenna?

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