Succubus Kiss Character Tour – Interview with Kenna

Kenna is such a sweetheart!!! ❤️❤️❤️

City and Book

Good Afternoon! I had such fun with Randal last night and now I can’t wait for Kenna to show up. I have to admit I’m a little worried after those parting words to Randal. Plus she’s just so gorgeous and nice!

Let’s get ready for her arrival and get some initial information on this sexy Succubus.

Here she comes! Wow she is beyond gorgeous! And from the smirk on her face…I’m pretty sure she’s spoken to Randal.

First, I’m so honored you joined us!We all know you have really struggled with your nature since the awakening, but we’re curious if you could name your favorite, and least favorite, thing about being a succubus?
Hmm…my favorite thing would have to be seeing the auras of men. I’m not going to lie though, at first this freaked me out, but once I got used to it—and gained a sense of control—it turned…

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