Succubus Kiss Character Tour – Sacrifice Preview + Giveaway

There was so much fun with this tour! It was my first one that I helped create. All the characters were amazing! Some sexy as sin *Dex*, some intimidating and others really sweet.

Today we have a preview of the next book Sacrifice together with the first chapter! But that’s not all!! There is a giveaway at the bottom so make sure to enter!!

City and Book

Good morning! Ewelina fromHeavenly Good Booksand I have had such a good time so far this week sharing the characters of the Succubus Kissseries.

Today we have a special sneak peak of Sacrifice for you. Sacrifice will be released on July 28th so even if you haven’t started this great series, there’s plenty of time to catch up!

Prequel: Kiss of Awakening

Amazon US (Free)|Amazon UK (Free)
Book 1: Seduce

Amazon US ($2.99)|Amazon UK (£1.99)
Book 2: Savor

Amazon US ($2.99)|Amazon UK (£1.99)

And make sure you check out Jennifer Snyder and the rest of her library.

And now here’s your sneak peak at Sacrifice…

(please remember this is an unedited sneak peek and is subject to change before publication)


The wraith’s laughing grew closer. He was making his way up the hill…

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