The Succubus Kiss Character Tour – Recap Day 

This tour brought so much laugh and fun to me and my Bestie Amanda! To be honest we spammed Jennifer mail box and she had so many FB notifications from us that she might hide for some time soon 😂

Today unfortunately is the last day of this amazing tour and thank you all for following us! We hope you enjoyed it! And we also hope you will join us in the next one that hopefully will happen soon!!

And now make sure to follow Jen and one-click her books as they are truly amazing! ❤️

City and Book

Happy Sunday! This week has so much fun! My book bestie Ewelina over atHeavenly Good Booksand I have had such an amazing time sharing the characters of the Succubus Kiss series with you. We both love this new adult paranormal romance series so much and Jennifer Snyder was so sweet and let us run with our ideas.

It’s been a blast and we hope to have another amazing event for you when Jen releases the final book in the series later this year. I know I can’t wait books 3 and 4.
And rumor has it there may be a Dex novella coming too! Ewelina is pretty excited for more Dex! I think Jen will leave all of us readers happy before she put these characters away.

To honor the final day of this fun, we have a jam packed post for you. Today, you’ll find all the…

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