RELEASE BLITZ: Breaking Free: Learning To Fly ( Breaking Free; book #2) by Annie Hughes

Title: Breaking Free: Learning To Fly
Series: Breaking Free; book #2
Author: Annie Hughes
Release date: July 17, 2015
Anna Porter knows better than most how cruel life can be. After finally facing the horrific tortures of her childhood, it’s time for her to try and embrace her happily ever after. 
The next chapter of her life brings new friendships, new love and new challenges for Anna. Yet, while trying to overcome her fears and let go of the memories which plague her, the little girl she was makes it difficult to forget what happened. 
Is her past really behind her? Can Anna finally learn to fly? 
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About The Author:
Annie Hughes has been writing since she was a little girl, never leaving the house without a notebook. As a corporate stooge and single mother, she spends all of her free time reading, writing and drinking too much coffee (wine). Annie has a strong passion for the literary world and before writing her book, spent all of her time reviewing others. She also enjoys talking with all that read her book(s), her philosophy being that readers and authors are all part of the same world – a world where they are all enthusiastic about words.
My Thoughts:
I was blessed by the author to let me BETA read this amazing book.

What can I say? I fell in love with Anne’s writing from the first sentence in Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura. I fell in love with the story, characters and simply Annie. She is an amazingly talented person and she cares about her readers ❤ But Anyway, the BOOK.

OMG. That’s about sums everything up. And some: WOWs, Holy Awesomeness also… I could come up with few more…

The story pick up, where the first one ended. It’s after the trial, Anna is back home, safe with her new family and friends. The only difference now is: she has a boyfriend. Jake. Her big brother best friend and also her friend. Everything seems perfect. She is moving on. He is accepting her past and helped her move on. But…there is always a but. She is never herself when with him. She is nervous. She is not able to be that carefree girl that was starting to bloom when he was her friend. She is nervous and is not sure how to behave. What is more Chloe, her BFF is not happy that Anna is agreeing to everything what Jake says. And also Logan feels pushed away from both of them. Anna has to chose what is best for her, her family and friends.

Even though this book doesn’t have so much drama and tragedy that makes you cry on every single chapter, it makes you feel so much better at the end of the book. You can see that Anna grew up. She can finally move on. She has her new love, her friends, family and even when her past is catching up with her, she is still able to fly.

I loved this book. I cannot wait for the next book from Annie. Either in this series, if she plans to write any, or a totally different one. I am simply hooked on her writing style. ❤

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Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura

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