Cover Reveal: Lorelai, You’ll Never Die by Laura Konrad


Cover Reveal

Title: Lorelai, You’ll Never Die

Author: Laura Konrad

Release Date: August 20, 2015

Lorelai Cover


Lorelai is a woman with many stories to tell.

She was just a promiscuous secretary at the county evidence
locker. But all that changed with the apocalypse.

She found herself alone and wandering the country in search of
something, she just wasn’t sure what. She came across many different types of people along
the way, some freaks and some who are just like her trying to survive. Her adventures forced
her to adapt in ways she never thought she could, made her feel in ways she never thought she

In the apocalypse you either learn to adapt or you die…

Lorelai Full



church pew

curious cat


Author Bio:

laura konrad

I’m Laura Konrad and I’m a 22 year old writer from Canada. I love
science fiction and apocalyptic stories and my first book was published with The Dryden
Experiment, a set of stories that were illustrated by Danielle Evert. When I’m not writing, I’m
reading copious amounts of books in a search for inspiration



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