ARC review: Lucky’s Promise: Book 3 by Jenn Nixson


Title: Lucky’s Promise: Book 3
Author: Jenn Nixson

Publisher: WCP
ISBN: 978-1-61798-157-9
Genre(s): Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Romantic Suspense
Heat Rating: sweet
Length: 99,178
Price: $4.99
Purchase page: N/A (soon)
Release date: 7/21/15
Author website:
Author contact

After years of searching for her mother’s killer, Felicia “Lucky” Fascino is finally on the right track. With the help of her family, and on-again off-again boyfriend, Kenji Zinn, Lucky is getting closer to fulfilling the unspoken promise she made to her adoptive father.

As the group continues to dig deep into the assassin’s network, and search for the elusive Quimby, ties to the past come back full circle, endangering everyone Lucky loves and cares for. It’s only a matter of time before their secret is uncovered.

My thoughts:

I have received ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third book in this amazing series that grabbed my attention from the start of the book 1! I could not wait to write the review for this part as for me this is the best book among all 3 of them.

We have so much going on here. Lucky is finally getting answers after years of searching and hunting the guys that destroyed her family. Lucky is a perfect assassin. Even though she kills for money, she can defer good from bad and is actually able to feel love also. Her lover, Kenji is my new BBF. He is strong and determined to break all the walls that surrounds Lucky. He loves her and he wants to teach her how to love back. Their feelings are growing with every chapter. You can see how Lucky is changing thanks to him. She is no longer a girl, woman obsessed with vengeance. She is able to love him back and care for him.

This book is amazing. The multiple POVs, changing from good to bad guys makes it so much more interesting, as it’s rare to have the insight into the BAD guys way of thinking. I found it…refreshing.

This book is emotional not only because of the love between the main characters, but also because of all the action that it’s packed with. The whole series is.

Amazing 5 stars!

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