Cover reveal for Operation Italy by ML Rosado


Title: Operation Italy

Author: ML Rosado

Publisher: Freya’s Bower

ISBN: 978-1-61798-162-3

Genre(s): Romantic Suspense

Heat Rating: tangy

Length: 59,564

Page Count: 248

Price: $4.99

Purchase page: Not available yet.

Release date: 8/25/15

Author website:

Author blog:

Author contact email:


Still heady with their overwhelming desire for one another, Tatiana and Donato take

their fairytale romance to Italy. Both of them are swept away by the enchanting scenery,

hot sex, and scrumptious food, but little do they know that a whole new set of challenges

await them there.  With an ex-girlfriend, an Italian mafia gang, and revelations that

threaten to tear their relationship apart, these two must defend their love against all


Giovanni Gesatti is an eligible bachelor, living the single life in Miami. During an

unexpected trip to Italy, he meets Luisa Alesi, a woman who completely rocks his world.

His resolve to live an uncomplicated life full of one-night stands and casual encounters

slowly erodes as he falls for her. Luisa is like nobody he has ever met, and he finds

himself wanting to explore her world, not knowing about the terrible drama that could

derail their romance before it even begins.

Despite all the challenges they face, the Gesatti brothers fight for what they believe in

and the women that rule their hearts. Operation Italy takes you through a journey full

of passion and invites you into a family that protects each other no matter what. Will

they all be able to get what they want? Will being in love be enough? Find out while

reading Book 2 of the Operation Series by ML Rosado. Operation Italy will take your

breath away and keep you warm at night.


“Mr. Gesatti, are you okay?” I asked.

“Maura…” he whispered.

At the sound of her name, all the brothers froze and looked at their father.

“Che cosa, papa?” said Donato.

When they turned around, on the other side of the glass door of the restaurant was a

woman in a sleeveless black dress. She was in her sixties, and despite her age, I could

tell that she had been beautiful when she was young—she still was. I remembered the

photo of her that I found in Donato’s nightstand. The years had passed, but still her eyes

were lost, empty. Her hair was still black and long but with dashes of gray.

She just stood there, and Lorenzo was frozen in place. I could hear his heartbeat

quicken when he let out a simple sigh…

Donato marched slowly to the door. I did not want to even breathe.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he demanded, his eyes suspicious.

“Let me in,” she responded, completely ignoring Donato’s attitude. She stepped

gracefully around him and walked toward us, studying our faces calmly.

“Lorenzo,” she said, and nodded her head slightly. Don Lorenzo stood there like a

lifeless statue. “Giovanni, Vincenzio, and you,” she said turning toward me, “you must

be Tatiana.” The silence was deafening. Gio and Vin’s eyes were full of questions while

they stared at her in shock. An unknown ghost has just walked in the restaurant and

they looked like they wanted to say so much but simply couldn’t.

I was just worried about how D was going to handle all of this. His blue eyes were full

of defiance instead of despair. I could hardly recognize my sweet Donato. He stood

there, protecting his brothers once again, as he has all his life.

“Mom?” Vinny managed to say.

“Do not call her that!” D blurted out. “Why are you here?” He went up to his mother

defiantly, like a lion protecting his young.

“I wanted to meet you all, and…” she trailed off in a low voice.

“No. Tell them why you are here! Damn it!” D shouted. The whole restaurant

trembled at his tone.


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