ARC review: Lorelai, you will never die by Laura Konrad

Copy gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Lorelai Cover

Small Blurb:

Lorelai is a woman with many stories to tell.

She was just a promiscuous secretary at the county evidence locker. But all that changed with the apocalypse.

She found herself alone and wandering the country in search of something, she just wasn’t sure what. She came across many different types of people along the way, some freaks and some who are just like her trying to survive. Her adventures forced her to adapt in ways she never thought she could, made her feel in ways she never thought she would.

In the apocalypse you either learn to adapt or you die…

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My thoughts:

I have to admit: the first few chapters got me so confused I almost stopped reading. But I’m so glad I am a stubborn person and I just hate leaving a book unfinished. So I sucked it up and finished it. And I’m so glad I did!

Lorelai, is sarcastic and extremely determined female. One of the few who survived the end of the world. She quickly learns how to survive, but also soon she decides that she wants to LIVE it.

The whole story is a perfection and almost a masterpiece. It’s so different. All the stories are important to show what kind of person Lorelai becomes. And the best thing ever? She never changed her perspective about sex! She likes it and that’s it! She always did and it didn’t change after the world collapsed around her. So she wasn’t suddenly a saint or something.

But what I liked the most? Is the different concept of the Armageddon. It’s not a story how to prevent it, how to save the world, how to save the survivors. No. It’s about pure living after it happened. And I loved it!

amazing 4,5 stars!



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