ARC review: Reveal by Elle Brooks

Copy gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Small Blurb:

I used to believe in destiny.

I was six years old when I first took to the stage, and I’ve danced every day since. It’s the biggest part of who I am. The fuel that drives me forward.

My oxygen…
My life…
My soul.

The stars were perfectly aligned, and my fairy tale had slowly begun to play out like a beautifully scripted passage from a romance novel. I was all set to live my happily ever after…

Until I wasn’t.

If dancing was my heart, Daniel was the blood that kept it beating. I was content with supporting him as he worked towards his music dreams, but then he disappeared, leaving me scared, alone and suffocating under the crushing weight of his debts.

It’s said that opportunity often comes disguised as misfortune.

When one door closes, another one opens. But I wasn’t prepared for it to belong to Reveal, one of New York City’s most exclusive Burlesque Clubs.

It feels as though the universe is conspiring against me until fate thrusts two very different men into the equation. And what they have in common, no one could have predicted.

Destiny may have delivered them both, but who stays is my choice

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PRE-ORDER (30th August)

My thoughts:

Only two words: Elle Brooks. This should tell you everything you need to know.

Elle is amazingly talented author. And to be honest she is fairly new also! But every single time I read her book I have so many emotions. Love, friendship, lust, heartache, sadness…everything! I thought that her Promises Series is the best ever (it is the most reread series by me), but now? Now I think a new series was born that will be a really close behind it!

The story didn’t disappoint me! Sexy guys and adorable, strong female? It’s what I love!

In here we meet Robyn, an amazingly talented dancer, whose life is giving a tough lesson. Abandoned by a person who she thought loved her and was supposed to stay with her in good and bad; with his debt and loan sharks after her, with no job and no money. When she starts to lose her hope, fate puts 2 handsome, sexy and successful men. One is not believing in relationship and also is her boss, and other wants to have one with her. After starting her new job in Reveal, a burlesque club, she thinks, no she BELIEVES, that life is finally letting her breathe and live a bit. But she is far from being safe and happy.

Two handsome guys: Cole and Callum…Only thinking about them makes my heart speed up. I wouldn’t mind keeping them for myself! Both successful and so worth committing sin! Cole, reserved lawyer, who is determined to become a partner at his workplace. He doesn’t want distractions until he meets Robyn. His priorities changes.

Callum…OMG. I almost prayed the whole book she will not chose him and I would beg Elle to give him to me. Hot tempered, sexy guy…That’s what I like! He is the owner of Reveal and is fascinated by Robyn. But as he has a rule: Do not sleep with staff, he tries to avoid her and deny the attraction. Unfortunately, the feelings he has for her are so much stronger than his will! Thank God for that!

Elle is a genius with creating the whole story. When I thought that she is not able to shock, she throws a new character’s POV and then the ending?! I was like WAIT….WHAT? I so did not expect ANY of that!

Amazing, pulling you in straight away story.

5 amazing and hot Stars!


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