ARC review: Complicate me by M. Robinson


Copy gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.


My thoughts:
I have not read anything by Ms Robinson or to be honest even heard of her until this tour blog. And I’m so glad that I have broken my own word to myself with NO MORE ARC till end of November šŸ˜‰ The book pulled me in straight away. I really expected a story after Alex engagement. Not a whole story from the beginning! But I just love LOVE that! Because I was so shocked and it made the story even more enticing!

In here we meet Alex, Half-Pint – as called by her 4 best friends. Even though she loved every single boy in their group one of them was the one that always been there for her and made her heart flutter. With only one of them she had that magical bond. Lucas, Bo as she called him. He was the one that she always found comfort in.

Their love story is a really complicated one. It shattered me, made me sob, made my heart bleed but also it cause so many positive emotions. I felt like I’m riding a long rollercoaster. There was no end. And the story had so many twists and turns that I was dizzy like I really ridden on one!

The whole book I was so frustrated with everyone who was telling Alex and Lucas that it’s either too early, they can’t be together, she is like a sister, she is too good, you are a bad boy…yada yada. I wanted to scream at all of them to shut it and let them make their own mistakes! To let them live their own life. And then came Cole! Gah.he annoyed me so much. I get it. He was the good boy and so on. But in the end he was not so good for her. He wanted to have a trophy not person that he loved.

I loved when Alex asked him: Are you in love with me?

So many people thinks that loving someone and being in love are the same things. But they are not! Being in love is like a hurricane. Even though it leaves destruction, after it there is always a fresh beginning.

I loved the story. The angst that M. created were just perfect for me! I definitely will be one-clicking all her books and stalking her page for the book 2 in the series as it will be HILARIOUS šŸ˜€

5 big, huge complicated stars! ā¤


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