ARC Review: Beyond Repair by Annie Hughes



Alpha, Beta and ARC provided by the author. After me begging to get the early copies.

Standing ovation. This book. Damn. Annie you overdid yourself. There is not enough words in English or in Polish to describe how (insert common F word) amazing this book is. Once I finished it (don’t remember if it was first or fifth read as the reaction was pretty much the same) I was speechless. I just can’t understand how in one person’s mind such a brilliant story can be born.

Annie just created a masterpiece. Hands down, up…whatever. This is THE BEST BOOK so far for this year. She managed to write a romance story where a main character has mental issues. And let me tell you that: Lydia kicks serious asses. You are just not able to not feel what she feels, what she is going through and see the world through her eyes. That’s how good Miss Hughes is. And the other party involved? Is a damn asshole who always believed Lydia was a troubled kid who created and pulled his cousin into mess.

I would love to tell  you more but damn I will spoil the fun of discovering this story by yourself.

Just go and READ. NOW.

Not enough stars to give.

5 ❤


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