Review: Marked (Marked Duology) by Jennifer Snyder

Marked is a first book in Marked Duology series by Jennifer. It’s. To my first paranormal book by her and if you follow my reviews you will know I really enjoyed her other series especially Dex 😀
In here we meet Tessa and Jace. She is a bit shy 17 year old, with a boyfriend that is really possessive. Not beautiful but pretty enough to make Jace look at her. 

Jace. Yeah, he became one of my favourite characters created by Jen. Handsome, confident, snarky and mysterious. Just as I like them. Since the beginning he felt connection to Tessa and was willing to go against all he was taught and all traditions he was raised to believe just to be with her.

The plot has enough twists and turns, together with amazing supporting characters to hold your attention through the whole story.

This book is an amazing paranormal read and will satisfy any of the readers enjoying something different.

4 heavenly stars from me! ❤️

Copy gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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