Explanation, apologies and update. 

Hi guys! *waves in excitment* 

Probably some of you noticed not much is going on here. There is a perfect reason for that. I promise. 

I’m currently 7 weeks away from giving birth and all I can think of is sleep, nesting, sleep and more sleep 🙈

There are reviews coming. Quite few of them to be honest. If you are one of the authors I own a review: I apologies. Sincerely. 

As an update I just want to say that I will no longer sign up for reviews until most likely September or even October. I will do blitz and reviews of the books I will manage to read just for pleasure. I’m stressing with deadlines as it is and I want to avoid that when the little one arrives. I do have to remind myself I’m a one person blog🙈🙊

So please be patient with me and thank you for all your support❤️

Ps. A quick shares are always welcome and I will always post them ❤️

Love you all,


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