The boss lady by Mina S. Love


The Boss Lady

By Mina S. Love

An Erotic Romance


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He was mine to possess…

Preston stormed into my life at the perfect time. He was everything I needed at the moment: smart, virile, arrogant, and beautiful.

He was also…MINE.

I was on the cusp of finalizing one of the most important business deals of my company’s history—my father’s company.

Preston was the key to its success, but I needed more from him than just financial reports. I needed his trust, his loyalty, and I needed him tied to my bed, begging for a high only I could give him. I needed him…

Collared and Owned.

She was everything…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say it’s worth only one…LOVE. Nadia was everything I ever wanted. Powerful, smart, young and beautiful. I’ve loved her from the moment I saw her in a photograph that sat on her father’s desk.

But I was sent for the wrong reasons…a pawn in a game to destroy the biggest deal of her career.

Racing against time, I found myself thrown into a world of lust and desire, playing a game of chess with the woman I loved. What I got was so much more than I bargained for. Do I save her and risk my freedom or destroy her before I get the chance to steal away her heart?

DISCLAIMER: This book is connected to the Consequence Series and may be read alone; however, there is an area that may be considered a spoiler for Consequence. The Boss Lady is a two part series that takes off running. It’s over the top, sexy, and drama filled. There are elements of BDSM in this read. If this is a sensitive subject matter for you or does not interest you, then this book may not be for you. Other than that, I hope you take pleasure in my madness.


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Never in a million years did I expect to be handcuffed to a bed, staring into the most devious eyes a woman ever possessed. I’m laying here completely naked, with the feel of satin or silk against my back. The clicks of her Louboutin’s are radiating like screams in my head as she stalks closer to me.

Waves upon waves of electricity, singes my skin. My body’s on fire and I can’t turn off this feeling. Not that I want to. I have never felt this way about a woman before. I want her to possess me, consume me, and make me hers in every way possible.

“Mr. Kane,” her voice, sultry and deep. Her eyes green like emeralds, causing my chest to rise and fall deeper and deeper. “You are mine. You belong to me in a way that no one, not even you will understand.”


My cock throbs painfully. I want her so much, but she just continues to watch me, stalk me and tease me, making every nerve in my body catch fire. I stare into her eyes as she stands at the foot of her bed in black sheer thigh-high hose and a see-through body suit, stopping at her curvy hips. Her hair flows, emerald green in color, elegantly down across her beautiful round breasts. She holds a crop in her hand, popping it up and down in the opposite hand.

“Nadia, please,” I beg her.

“If I hear another fucking word from your mouth, Mr. Kane,” she taunts as the crop comes down, striking my thigh. The sting is welcomed as my cock hardens even more. “You must learn that in my world, you are mine to control, mine to possess, mine to own.”

Fuck, I don’t want this to ever end.

If you had told me, when I moved from L.A. to Miami, the great and powerful Nadia Renee Harris would have me bound to her bed, towering over me, ready to devour me whole, I probably would have killed over in laughter or had you placed in a mental institution. But my God, is this happening? Is this even possible?

Nadia takes the crop and gently begins to tap in against my arms, then my chest. Her heels click against the wooden floors in a seductive rhythm. She gently drags the crop down my thighs then gently taps it against my cock. My back arches off the bed just enough to send her sinister smile toward her eyes. She hasn’t touched me and I need it. I need her hands and her ruby red lips around my cock. I need her to touch me where I need it the most. I ache for her in a way I never knew was possible.

For weeks she’s been hounding me at the office, bossing me around as if I were her servant. Teasing me with her eyes, her smile, and subtle touches, not giving me what I desire. Yet here I am, cuffed to her bed, watching her tease all the blood from my head, sending it straight to my cock. I jerk my wrists, not being able to do much since I’m cuffed. She smiles devilishly at me, and then the crop whips through the air landing against my left thigh, this time much harder. A heavy growl escapes me this time.

“Absorb it, Mr. Kane. Let it consume you.”

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