Devil’s Demise by Lee Cockburn -Blog Tour For 12 Days of Clink Street

Devil’s Demise


A cruel and sinister killer is targeting Edinburgh’s most powerful women, his twisted sense of superiority driving him to satisfy his depraved sexual appetite. He revels in the pain and suffering he inflicts on his unsuspecting victims but a twist of fate and an overwhelming will to survive by one victim ruins his plans for a reign of terror. His tormented prey will need all her courage if she is to survive the hunt.


Information about the Book

Title: Devil’s Demise

Author: Lee Cockburn

Release Date: 10th November 2014

Genre: Thriller

Page Count: 258

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

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Amazon Link:


Oh wow! I did not expect so much action in this book. Brilliant read.

This is a gripping story. One that will leave you scared and make you feel like you are being followed. I was so terrified I had problems with going to kitchen during the night. Amazing. Simply amazing. I cannot wait for more from this author. What an astonishing debut novel from Lee Cockburn.

The characters are believable. I think at point too much. Being inside their heads helps you understand them. Amazing.

Total page turner.

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