Who am I?

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I am an enthusiast (not to say bluntly – that I have an obsession), that loves to read books. Lots of books. I don’t really have a favourite genre. I read everything that perks my interests and goes currently with my mood. And it does change quite regularly.

One day I will reading Young Adult or Paranormal Romance, but next I will switch to Shakespeare or some poetry.

I love classics. My dream is to have every single one of them on my book shelf (once I will lottery, so I can fit them in my separate library that will be build for me – girl can dream?). That love made me study English Philology with BA in English/American Literature and Theory of the Literature.

But as an enthusiast, I like to go beyond the shelves I was accustomed to after 3 years of studying. Where at Uni the literature ended on 20th century, I like to find new authors with new stories to be told.

I started with romances that were published by Da Capo. My sister was borrowing them for me as I was too young to do that! Haha but what an older sister would not do for a younger one? Without the payment? Nothing. LOL. We had good a good agreement – she was borrowing the books I wanted and I was doing her homework and took care of our much younger brother when she was going out and it was her turn – worked? Worked! Was I stupid? Probably 😛 After I turned magical 15! God Bless That Age! I was able to sign for Adult Department at my library – loved it! I took it from there and started my adventure with totally different books: Prachett, Paulo Coelho, Sir William Scott, Shakespeare, Koontz, Masterton, King… I could go on for hours here.

Normally for the past few years (before 2013 – love that year) I was mostly concentrating on the above, rarely going for any others. Between those and the ones required at Uni, I didn’t really felt urge to look for something else.

But then! The perfect year of 2013 came! My first bonus at work and as a reward for my hard work I finally bought Kindle! My best friend now! And that’s how I started looking for books that are not yet commonly known in the UK or in Poland. Other plus is that they are cheaper and I normally buy books that deserve to be on my book shelf. I know. Picky and strange.

I came across many authors that I know stalk….ehh…I mean follow on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads and just love their books.

In this blog I will mostly concentrate on the books by the new Authors I have discovered in my life, but will try to do reviews of other classics, so maybe some students will be able to get some useful info from them!

The next 2 post will be copied from my old blog – I just started there, but server crashing every single day is giving me headache!

I hope you will enjoy my blog and see you here 🙂

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