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Audio review: Knocked up Plan by Lauren Blakely

*Received an audio copy of this book from the author for an honest Review.*

Omg. This was my second book (in audio) by Lauren and OMG! It was just amazing. It pulled on the right emotions. Love, laughter, sadness, maternal and paternal instinct. It was just PERFECT.

Ms Lauren has created an amazing story where a simple woman wants one thing: a baby. To have her own little family. And she is ready to do a lot of things to get what she wants. Even asking her work colleague to be a donor. Simple. Right?

This book is just so funny. I was listening to it at work and many times I giggled or snorted aloud. Perfect.

Thank you for creating such fun, hot, sexy and emotional at the same time book!

5 stars!

Audiobook review: Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely

I have received a free code from the author. 
Omg. Omg. Omg. This story is simply hot. Amazing. Sexy. Funny. I loved it. 
In here we meet Max. An owner of car customisation shop. He is handsome, sexy and he knows it. He liked to have good time with ladies but is honest about it so no drama from crazy ex which I liked. He always said not to mix pleasure with business and never sleep with the enemy but when he former apprentice comes back to his life, his lust and desire for her comes back with double strength. 
I loved Max’s and Henley’s banter. It was sexy, funny and definitely hot. I liked that Lauren didn’t create a huge drama here but kept it rather light. It helped me survive my first day after returning to work after maternity. 
Ps. Listening at work might not be a best idea as Sebastian’s voice is simply yum. 
5 stars and it’s definitely not the last book

I picked up by Lauren and not the last audiobook narrated by Sebastian. 

Audiobook Review: Always Room For Cupcakes by Bethany Lopez

Overall:  4 stars
Performance:  3 stars
Story: 4,5 Stars
Would you consider the audio edition of Always Room for Cupcakes to be better than the print version?

I haven’t read the book yet but I did purchase it as I have enjoyed the audio and the story!

Who was your favorite character and why?

The main character was my fav. Why? Because she didn’t lose herself after her husband cheated on her. She found herself in a situation where most women would sit and cry. But she knew she has to be strong for her kids. And I love her new occupation!

Would you listen to another book narrated by Stephanie Garner?

I don’t know to be honest. Her narration wasn’t bad it was just hard to decipher between the characters sometimes as they all sounded pretty the same.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

I would say in 2 sittings. After few hours I had to stop because of the narration.

Any additional comments?

I really enjoyed the story. It was funny, different and definitely one that makes you enjoy the book/audiobook. The characters were well developed and also the story didn’t have any lose ends.


Copy gifted by the author for an honest review.