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Explanation, apologies and update. 

Hi guys! *waves in excitment* 

Probably some of you noticed not much is going on here. There is a perfect reason for that. I promise. 

I’m currently 7 weeks away from giving birth and all I can think of is sleep, nesting, sleep and more sleep 🙈

There are reviews coming. Quite few of them to be honest. If you are one of the authors I own a review: I apologies. Sincerely. 

As an update I just want to say that I will no longer sign up for reviews until most likely September or even October. I will do blitz and reviews of the books I will manage to read just for pleasure. I’m stressing with deadlines as it is and I want to avoid that when the little one arrives. I do have to remind myself I’m a one person blog🙈🙊

So please be patient with me and thank you for all your support❤️

Ps. A quick shares are always welcome and I will always post them ❤️

Love you all,


We’ve got company! Guest Review of The Bridal Chair

Check this review by me and maybe you will love Mamareniazen blog just as I do!

Mama Reads Blog

Every once in a while we like to recruit others for help with reviews, and this is the first installment in the We’ve got company! series.  Today we’re joined by Ewelina Rutyna of Heavenly Good Books


The Bridal Chair by Gloria Goldreich is telling us a story about life of an artist, Marc Chagall, through the eyes of his daughter, Ida.

Ida is describing her eccentric father, his artistic way of living and also her overprotective parents. As the story progresses, we can see that the author tries to show the reader through the eyes of young Ida the scenery of politics, art, culture of france and USA during the War. She perfected the description of Paris in 1920s, where young artists came from all over the world to learn and show their art.

The first part of the story was the most interesting for me, where Marc Chagall, full…

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